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Meet the Abbott Brothers

Tight sibling harmonies. Blazing bluegrass-fueled solos. Classic honky-tonk/country songs, old-time brother duets, and everything in between. Throw in a dash of offbeat, Smothers Brothers-style humor, and you get an idea of what an Abbott Brothers show is like. The songs are fresh takes on time-tested gems of old; Hank Williams, Doc Watson, the Stanley Brothers, and Johnny Cash are all well represented here. But this is no copycat band. Beneath that new band sheen lies a pair of brothers that have been comfortable on stage together for years.

Band Members

Luke Abbott (mostly guitar) has been turning heads in the California music scene since 1998, when he began playing at bluegrass festivals at the age of 11, learning all the standard bluegrass instruments (banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin) simultaneously. He has performed recently with bluegrass greats Kathy Kallick and Frank Wakefield. His album, Take Me Home (released in 2010) was recorded solo with one microphone, à la Bruce Molsky or Tim O’Brien. Victory Review wrote: “Luke’s music completely blindsided me. He’s got a great, crackly voice and is a monster picker.”

Kyle Abbott (mostly mandolin) is the wild card of the duo. He has immersed himself into countless genres of music: bluegrass, old-time, classical, pop, metal, and folk music of all kinds. He learned Tuvan throat singing after hearing it on internet radio, studies classical countertenor singing, and is the American authority on the shamisen, a very dynamic, banjo-like Japanese instrument. His mandolin playing regularly breaks all the conventional rules.

Mason Hutchinson is the secret weapon of the trio. The chemistry between him and the brothers was immediately evident from the first time they met in the fall of 2011. A trained jazz musician, Mason can walk the fingerboard with ease, and adds harmony to some songs as well.

No Longer Booking Gigs

We started this project in 2012 and played our last gig in 2016. It was a fun ride!